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Neck Pain

Neck pain affects a large percentage of the population. I often see people stating that their neck is sore and the pain either radiates to the head or to the top of the shoulder. This is because of the nerves in the neck. In the upper neck, nerves send sensation up to the jaw, ear, side, and front of the head, causing some fairly severe headaches. In the lower neck, the nerves send sensation and motor fibres to the muscles of the shoulder, arm and hand. Patients also experience a decrease range of motion in the neck as well as muscular soreness in and around the head, neck and shoulder. Some patients also feel numbness and tingling into the hands mimicking carpal tunnel syndrome. This is happening often because the joints in the neck aren't moving as they should.


Chiropractic care has been shown to be incredibly beneficial for neck pain. It is a very safe and very effective treatment option. By doing soft tissue work to calm down the muscles, adjustments to get the joints moving, and specific exercises to strengthen the weak muscles and stretch the tight ones, the frequency and intensity of one's neck pain can be significantly decreased. I have had great success treating those with mechanical neck pain.

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