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Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft tissue therapy is the mobilization of the muscles, fascia, ligaments & tendons of the body. Soft tissue therapy is known to break up adhesions allowing the tissue and joints to move together in a more fluid manner. 

Soft tissue therapy can be done by using trigger point therapy to release 'knots' in the muscle. Movement can also be added to this trigger point therapy to get the soft tissue working the way it should.

Instrument assisted soft tissue therapy is when a metal or ceramic instrument is used on the skin to break up the underlying adhesions in the muscle, fascia & ligaments. This can be very effective in chronic conditions, or conditions where hands-on techniques have been proven to be ineffective.

Many conditions, such as headaches, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and shin splints, are generally a result of overused muscles. Soft tissue therapy can be very beneficial in resolving these issues. 

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