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Poor Posture

We're all a product of our society, and let's face it - cell phones and computers are doing terrible things for our posture. We're constantly looking down to look for directions, Google a recipe or double tap the latest Instagram post. Depending on the angle, all this looking down can add an extra 20-35lbs of pressure to the structures in the back of your neck.


This obviously creates pain not only in the neck but also in the upper back and shoulders. There is so much more that goes along with treating posture, but the anterior head carriage is so important. Take a look at this blog post to read more!

As a chiropractor I can help you with any additional neck pain and upper back pain you may be feeling from looking down towards the ground for the better part of your day. 


I can also teach you some tips and tricks for when you are in the office to help with the constant looking down. Things like rearranging your desk, and simple exercises can all be done to help you out.

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