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Posture Field Guide


Friend! I am oh-so happy that you found your way here. And since you are here, my guess is that you are wanting to forgo the dreaded humpback and address that posture that has been bugging you. 


  • You are in a new work from home situation and your “desk” isn’t quite set up the way you want it to be (I see you at your dining room table).

  • Every time you walk by a mirror you see that dreaded hunch and instantly stand up straight.

  • Your neck/head/upper back are in more pain now than they ever have been.

  • Just the thought of sitting at your dining room table creates an immediate twinge in between your shoulder blades.

  • Your energy & your confidence are low.

I know what all of this feels like. I know what it is like to be walking around with a rounded, hunched posture, and I definitely know what it’s like to have a constant nagging feeling in your upper back and neck when your posture just isn’t quite right.


I also completely understand that you don’t want to be spending a ton of time every day doing exercises you found off Google that “help your posture” without really knowing if they work.


That’s exactly why I have created the Posture Field Guide. To help you, newly working from home, combat all your posture aches and pains so that you can work more efficiently, have more confidence, less pain, and most of all, reverse that dreaded humpback.


The Posture Field Guide has been created with you in mind. It is chock full of really easy & simple exercises that you can do to improve your posture today.




This is the foundation to all forms of movement. Without a strong core and proper breathing techniques, the chances of really improving your posture are slim to none.


There are certain muscles that are simply too tight. Strengthening them would do nothing, so we need to get in there to stretch and do our best to lengthen those muscle fibres.


These exercises are aimed at strengthening the back line (or posterior) of the body so that we are strong enough to hold ourselves up throughout the day.


Making sure there is adequate & full range of motion through the upper/mid back is going to make day-to-day mobility so much easier and more comfortable.





The Posture Field Guide is not something that you do for three weeks, then you will have amazing and beautiful posture for your entire life. The fact of the matter is, improving your posture in the long term is going to take long term work. #sorrynotsorry


I also do not expect you to have the posture of the Queen all day, everyday. No one is perfect, and that is an unachievable goal. And I am not here for making goals that you can’t achieve (been there, done that, not cool)!

But, in saying that, I have made these exercises as easy as I possibly can, with minimal equipment, so that you can start seeing sitting up a little bit taller in as little as two weeks.

I have taken exercises that I give my patients and put them all into a pretty little package so that you can:

  • Stop Googling: “how to fix my posture” and not knowing whether the answers are legit or if the exercises shown will actually help.

  • Learn the foundations of the exercises that are going to help you feel more confident in how you carry yourself day-to-day.

  • Not spend hours every day working on your posture.


And, best of all, you can do it from the comfort of your own home! No gym membership required.


Ready for improved posture? Click the button below to get started!

Why posture?


Well as a chiropractor, I have been treating posture complaints for the entirety of my 3 years in practice. And before that, well I knew the struggle well. Chiropractic college was the first place I spent the entirety of my day sitting. 40 hours of class a week plus studying really took a toll on my body, and my posture definitely suffered.


So I took it upon myself to do some exercises & movements that would help me be more productive while studying by sitting up just a little bit taller. And it worked.


No, I do not have perfect posture all the time (no one does), but I do know what good working posture looks like, and I know how to get myself there. My body is strong enough and aware enough to know what position I need to be in, and that is what the Posture Field Guide is here to offer you.


Does this sound like something you’d benefit from? Start your posture journey with me today!

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